♫ Tron_Legacy.mp3

Like the original Tron, the sequel released nearly 30 years later, had a lot going for it. The visuals were stunning, the cinematography great, but the writing was terrible and the third act was a snooze fest. One thing that was not boring though was Daft Punk’s epic score. I found myself listening to the soundtrack soon after the film’s release more than much else at the time. My one hang up though was there was obviously missing tracks from the commercial release. So, I took the time to do some digging on the internet and compiled what I believe to be the complete score to the film including the 2 80s pop tracks from the arcade scene. Once again, Journey shows up, most likely an ode from Joe Kosinski to the original film. It truly is a shame the film was really just a vehicle for Disney to sell toys and video games. None the less, I was very impressed with Kosinski’s first feature as a director.