♫ PrairieFire.mp3

Funny thing the internet. Alex Rinker and I live in the same damn city and have only met through Twitter. Hopefully that will change very soon as he is a rad and super talented dude. Alex designs for Ted Perez. His portfolio site is being revamped but until then check more of his work out on Dribble.

Alex’s concept behind his first guest mix, Prairie Fire, “is somewhat inspired from growing up Idaho, but more of a spaghetti western tale of one man’s journey through the wild west. Treacherous lands, open range, wild women, saloons, shootouts, and ultimately meetin’ your maker.” In my head, when I read that, I did it in Movie Guy’s voice. Well it is indeed an epic mix, one of my favorite guest mixes to date. So saddle up, pour some rye whiskey, and mosey on over to the download button to enjoy!